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• 2/25/2014

Which English??

Hi. I was just wondering which English do we use on the wikia? Yeah yeah, I know what I said was super cryptic but what I'm trying to say is do we use American or British English on the wikia? Where I live, we use British but many others may use American. So for the sake of uniformity in the wikia, I'm asking this. Pls help make this desicion guys. Arigatou.

- Sakura

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Article editor
• 2/27/2014

I don't think there's a set rule. In the English Wikipedia, the policy is to use American English in U.S.-related articles, British English in UK-related articles, Canadian English in Canada-related articles, and so on. There's no policy for other articles, but I think they tend to veer towards American English, which would apply to this wiki. There's no hard rule yet, but American-ish English is what I would recommend.

• 2/27/2014

Arigatou :)

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