Abe Kou
Japanese Name:


Romanized Name:


Past life: Clarence Birtwistle
Country of birth: Moswick

Abe is student of Minato Prefectural High School, member of class 1-4 and member of the soccer team. He is often seen with Nanaura Akira and Watanabe

In previous life he was Clarence Birtwistle, heir of Birtwistle house and knight of Moswick from the mainland.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

He was cheerful young man, often hanging out with Nanaura and Watanabe. He was active member of soccer club. Abe and Watanabe were kept in the dark about reincarnations for a long time, because it seemed they were not involved in the previous world matters. Abe's personality changed dramatically when he suddenly regained his memories. He seems to throw away his current life and decided to live out as his previous self. He's smart and prideful and also dangerous type full of grudges. He's also pretty aware that being part of attacking side, he can't really believe anyone of his classmates. Only exception is Ootomo, who was the priest, probably because he was religious man in previous existance and he still is firm believer (in accordance to previous life's religion).


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