Japanese Name: アロイス
Romanized Name: Aroisu
Position: Crown prince of Zerestria

Alois was the crown prince of Zerestria. He's older brother of first princess Veronica and brother of second prince Rolan.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

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Not much is known about Zerestria's crown prince. It was stated that when Zerestria's squires were still in Military Academy, the king died and he as crown prince was expected to ascend the throne. He had older brother, the first prince, who passed away due to illness.

Leogue Aliphard said that his pillars were three commanders: Herbert Razarasare, Thornton Aliphard and Dolgerg Belbania.

Abe mentioned later, that the false cause was stating that prince Alois wanted to monopolize "Light pillar magic" to himself and that Thornton Aliphard and Dolgerg Belbania disagreed with him.