Ashley Guivarch
Japanese Name: アシュレイ・ギーバルシュ
Romanized Name: Ashurei Gībarushu
Reincarnation: Nishina Mizuki
Position: Knight of Moswick Imperial Guard

Ashley Guivarch was a knight of Moswick and the son of nobleman Thomas Guivarch.

He was reincarnated as Nishina Mizuki.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Ashley has short dark hair and green eyes.

Before his father was executed as a traitor, Ashley was an entitled noble's son who thought he didn't have to work for anything. After losing his father, Ashley became a hard worker, never taking anything for granted. Though humble, he is very straightforward.


Ashley was the eldest son of the Guivarch family which was respected and notable among other Moswick knights families. Since he was born he never experienced any hardships and had everything - good food, alcohol and women and he liked to indulge in those pleasures.

Ashley's father, Thomas Guivarch, was the King of Moswick's the most favored retainer. He was caught in the political conflict between prince Ishmael's faction and prince Evan's faction and sacrificed as a scapegoat. He was accussed of murdering the King and whole Guivarch family was sentenced to death. However, prince Eugene continuously advocated Thomas Guivarch's innocence and Ashley, his younger brother and his mother's lives were spared. Thomas was still executed as a traitor thus afterwards Ashley was known as the 'traitor's son'. The Guivarch family had lost both title and lands and as the eldest son, Ashley resorted to physical labor to feed his mother and younger brother. During this time, Ashley had become jaded, realizing how easy he'd had it before.

When Ashley was appointed to be an Imperial Knight of Prince Eugene, he decided that he'd devote his life to the sole prince who'd defended his father and given him a purpose once more.

Ashley was often seen next to the prince Eugene's side but during the Moswick army raid, he's nowhere to be seen. It is not known how and when he died.


Grateful to Prince Eugene for saving him and making him an imperial knight, Ashley pledged his loyalty to third prince and believes his life belongs to the prince.

During their stay in Rheinsberg Castle they were often seen hanging together and talking a lot. Ashley helped them in searching for their own goal in life and seemed a bit like older brother to them.


  • even thought Nishina clearly stated that he was Ashley, it is debated if it really is the truth because of the inconsistency of what Nishina says.