Augustin Fogelklou
Japanese Name: オーギュスタン・フォーゲルクロウ
Romanized Name: Ōgyusutan Fōgerukurou
Reincarnation: Yanuma Takashi

Knight of Moswick

Capitain of Imperial Guard

Birthday: April 21
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 67 kg

Augustin Fogelklou was a knight of Moswick and capitain of prince Eugene's Imperial Guard, before he was reincarnated as Yanuma Takashi.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Augustin was a son of well-known noble family and he put great emphasis on one's background and ancestry. He expected others of lower status to show him respect, even if he didn't really worked for it.

He was tall blonde knight with short hair and rather clumsy appearance.


Augustin was capitain of prince Eugene's Imperial Guard, but only in name, as he lacked experience and respect from other members of Imperial Guard. He achieved that position only because of his noble name, but it was obvious to everyone beside him, that it's only empty title.

He appears to know nothing about the sudden attack of Moswick army and he was in great panic because of it. Just then he realized that he doesn't have any actual command over other Imperial Guard knights. He also wasn't able to see the situation clearly, as Zerestria's squire Chesmond came angrily to attack them, but Conrad intercepted him and knocked him down.

Finally he and Conrad managed to find their prince and were about to rejoin him. As Augustin felt relief upon seeing him, he ran toward him, shouting his name, still with unsheathed sword in his hand. It was fatal mistake and he was shot down by magic on the spot and died. The one firing at him was priest Lucas, who had to protect prince Eugene from any potential assassin. As far Yanuma neglects such possibility that he would work under somebody else order and he really tried to kill the prince, but that idea can't be rejected completely.


  • Augustine likes self-discipline and there's nothing he dislikes.
  • He's family consisted of father, mother and 3 older brothers.