Calvin Plantard

Calvin plantard vol18

Japanese Name: カルヴィン・プランタード
Romanized Name: Karuvin Purantādo
Reincarnation: Motoi Hayato
Position: Knight of Moswick

Calvin Plantard was a knight of Moswick before he was reincarnated as Motoi Hayato. He was member of prince Eugene Imperial Guard knights and followed him to Zerestria where he ultimately died during the invasion.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Calvin was absolutely loyal to prince Ishmael. He was willing to sacrifice his life for him and he remains loyal even after he reincarnated in another world. He was very discrete and hard-working, he managed to infiltrate prince Eugene's Imperial Guard.


Calvin was loyal right-hand man of prince Ishmael and since young age his duty was to serve and support him from the backstage. On prince Ishmael orders he infiltrated prince Eugene's Imperial Guard and acted as his knight, while keeping an eye on him. He followed him to Zerestia where Eugene was to get married with princess Veronica. He was well-aware of internal strife between Moswick princes.

After the ceremony he was temporarily called back to Moswick to attend his long-sick father's funeral. It turns out that his father still could've lived but he asked his family to help him die since he had only about a year to live in pain. His father decided he could no longer distract his son from the mission and so that he could be called here without raising any suspicion, as prince Ishmael needed to relay to him new orders of grave importance. Prince Ishmael was aware of Calvin's father decision but he was against it.

After going back to Zerestria he spoke with prince Eugene in private, revealed his true identity and relayed prince's Ishmael's words to him: if prince Eugene was to follow the orders of crown prince Evan and try to come back to homeland with "forbidden spell" then he was ordered by Ishmael to kill him. As for reason why Eugene should disobey crown prince, he said prince Ishmael worked in secret with court physical and found out cause of prince Walter's death - he died from poison because of prince Evan. The other part of message from prince Ishmael was that in case Eugene would not carry out crown prince's orders he and princess Veronica were allowed to conceal social status and live among the commoners for the rest of your lives, but the reasoning behind that part is still a mystery. He was also aware that Moswick army is going to invade princess Veronica's castle on false accuses. In the end where the army attacked everything was engulfed in chaos and he died here, killed by magic as he reincarnated.


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