Catherine Betford
Japanese Name:



Romanized Name: Kyasarin Bettofōdo
Reincarnation: ??
Position: Servant of Zerestria

Catherine Betford was a servant of Zerestria and one of princess Veronica's maids.

It remains unclear if she also reincarnated.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Catherine seems to be very hardworking and eager person. She's doing everything she can to carry out her duties flawlessly. It appears she's easily demotivied by lack of results of her efforts thought.


Catherine was one of princess Veronica's maids and because she was older and more experienced than the rest of them, she and Dina were seen as exemplary handmaids.

She was talking care of princess appearance like tying her hair and polishing ber beauty, but she was perplexed by princess Veronica's brief response, which was frustrating to her and made her cry, as her previous master always was always enthusiastic about everything she was doing to her.


She was one of princess maids.


  • she makes appearance only in special booklet of volume 16.