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Minami Harusumi enters his first year in middle school. It doesn't go as smooth as he had hoped because of rumors going around the school that he insisted as an elementary school student that he's the reincarnation of a princess


Kamioka suggests Minami use magic to prove his reincarnation

Minami Harusumi is a first year middle school student. He's usually alone because as a kid he used to go on about being princess Veronica in his previous life, though he tries to distance himself from that so he could live an ordinary life in modern Japan. Despite the rumors, Kamioka Saya was intrigued by his interest in history and they become friends. Kamioka talks to Minami about proving his previous life using the maigc he could wield as a princess. Minami keeps getting flashbacks of Veronica

Veronica learns how to use magic

learning magic,and he learns how to do it, as well as learning that it's a deadly power. Kamioka gets beaten up by her club's third years because she was seen walking home with Minami instead of going to the club. One of Minami's old elementary school classmates also gets beaten up by third years and to save himself he tells them about Minami's weird claims. As a result, they corner Minami in the gym's bathroom. Minami contemplates whether he should try using magic. however, He decides to restrain himself because of how strong magic is, but when one of the third years pulls out a knife, Minami finds a strand of Kamioka's hair from the previous day. Knowing that using a not fresh hair as an offering for the spirits will weaken the magic to the point of it only being

Minami gets bullied by third years

a distraction, he's using it to make a flash of light and runs for it. The day after the bullies try and claim that Minami used a trick, but he claims that they just got beaten up and imagined things. Finally having a proof of his memories, Minami feels more in touch with his incarnation.