Conrad Carvajal
Japanese Name:


Romanized Name:

Konrado Karubaharu

Position: Knight of Moswick

Conrad Carvajal is a knight of Moswick, one of the knights assigned as Prince Eugene's guards and stationed in Reinsberg Castle.

Among the six knights of Moswick, Conrad is the only one who has not appeared as far.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

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During the Moswick's attack he was with Augustine on the top of the tower and they saw invading soldiers. On their way to the prince's side, they encountered raging Chesmond and Conrad knocked him down without killing him. Later he was seen with prince Eugene when he met with princess Veronica in the courtyard. After getting an order from the prince to capture Veronica and bring her to him, he stayed there. His further doings are unknown so far.


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