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Earrings play an important role in the past world.


Book with earrings - Special Booklet vol 21.

Upon being born into this world, royal children of many kingdoms are given a special earring from the Church, said to be embedded with unique magic.

The design, gem, color and shape is decided by His Holiness, Pope, after hearing out about the circumstances surrounding the birth of each child from a bishop, who visits a newborn to give them a blessing. Each of those elements have its own meaning and when combined, they work as a prayer for the child, wishing upon it "mayest thou...". The meaning behind it is a restricted information.

If a royal child is born sickly, it symbolizes "mayest thou be healthy".

If it's a first born son in a kingdom with a lot of droughts, it symbolizes "mayest thou be blessed by heavens".

Making the set of earrings takes some time and when they are done, they are sent from the papacy. It is a custom every royal wears two earrings, one in each ear. The same earrings as theirs are bestowed to followers who sworn loyalty to their liege and members of staff assigned to them, as a symbol of their allegiance. Followers wear one earring in the left ear only.

Zerestria Royal Family[]

Position Name Appearance Image
Late King --- Triangular in shape, with a handle attached to its base.
King earring.jpg
Crown Prince Alois Oval in shape, with some light-colored gem embedded inside a frame.
Alois earring1.jpg
2nd Prince Rolan Three small odd-shaped dark-colored gems, lined up vertically.
Rolan earring.jpg
1st Princess Veronica Round-shaped, deep red gem, with some fancy leaf-like golden hook.
Ver earring1.jpg

Moswick Royal Family[]

Position Name Appearance Image
Crown Prince Evan Three flat round light-colored gems, shaped vertically.
Evan earring2.jpg
2nd Prince Ishmael Rhombus-shaped and light-colored gem.
Ishmael earring1.jpg
3rd Prince Eugene In a shape of a long gem, that looks like an icicle or dagger. Colored from silverish to slate blue, depending on a light.
Eu earring3.jpg
4th Prince Walter Large, round, light-colored gem.
Walter earring1.jpg


The Church members also wear an earring, only one in the left ear. It looks like bishops don't wear any.

Position Appearance Image
Bishops They wear no earring.
Priest & priestess Light blue-colored, embedded in half moon golden frame.
Church earrring1.jpg


  • after Walter's death, Eugene seemed to always carry his younger brother's earring with him, attached to either his belt or hilt of his sword.
  • Veronica's earring worked as an entry pass to the secret underground room and thus, her people were hunted down by the invading forces in order to steal those earrings.
  • Glen Schreiber lacked his liege's earring as it got hooked on a branch during his first day in Reinsberg Castle and he never found it back, nor the Church was able to made another one for him.
  • it is not confirmed whether the triangular earring is indeed late Kings of Zerestia, but it was as far only seen wore by late King's commanders: Thornton Alphard and Frederick Belbania, who were his supporters.
  • royals wear their earrings all the time, but they may remove them when they are visiting towns incognico or when they are travelling for a long time.