Bokura no Kiseki series have one official guidebook.

Guidebook: ~La trace~

Bokura no Kiseki: Guidebook ~La trace~ (jap. ボクラノキセキ ガイドブック ~La trace~) is an official guidebook of Bokura no Kiseki series, printed out in Japan. Both printed out and electronic versions are available. This guidebook is a compilation of informations from volume 1 to volume 20.

Bokura no Kiseki Guidebook ~La trace~
Release Date ISBN
July 25, 2019 978-4-758034555
51DfrCR jQL.jpg

Artist: Natsuo Kumeta
Format: B6
Pages: 150
Price: 1200 yen + tax

Contents of the guidebook:

  • timeline of the story, chronological order of events during the raid in the past life, characters profiles.
  • characters profiles - not only the ones already introduced in the special bonus ealier, but new ones too! It also has author's scribbles about each of them.
  • detailed information about countries, the Church and magic.
  • images of initial stage character settings, clothes, sketch of the castle.
  • Q&A corner with question received by readers.
  • special chapter: "One peaceful day in the castle" (jap. 穏やかなお城の一日)
  • special tribute illustration.

Table of contents

  • Chapitre. 1: Characters profiles
  • Chapitre. 2: Timeline of the castle raid, details about the previous life
  • Chapitre. 3: Timeline of current life events
  • Bonus spécial (special chapter, tribute illustration, Q&A corner)
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