Japanese Name: イシュメル
Romanized Name: Ishumeru
Position: 2nd prince of Moswick

Ishmael was second prince among four princes of Moswick. He's older brother is crown prince Evan and he's younger brothers are Eugene and deceased Walter

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Ishmael appears as very frivolous person without an ounce of interest in politics. He's often fooling around and acting like an idiot and because of that he's treated like one. It appears it's just his way to stay alive and to keep his opponents in the dark. In truth, he's a very sharp-minded person with deep insight and notices a lot of things. He cares deeply about people close to him. Ishmael appears to not be interested in the throne and prefers to not engage in conflicts althought he always thinks about the best ways to serve his country.


As a small child, when he was playing with his older brother Evan, they happened to overheard some noblemen taking about Royal Family's "open secret" that prince Evan might not be King's child. Still he was too young to comprehend fully the meaning of it, but Evan started to see his brothers as a threat. When he was old enough to realize what's going on, he decided he shall act as an airhead in order to protect himself from being targeted.

He appears to care a lot about his younger brothers. He was devastated by death of the youngest Walter and despite knowing some gossips about it, he decided to keep silent to his brother Eugene, not wanting to cause internal strife among brothers. He decided to reveal the truth to him only after he got strong evidences. He also was the one who talked to 9 years old Eugene about "open secret" and possible treat from prince Evan, fearing that young Eugene might lose his life too.

Despite all of this, he still threated to kill Eugene many years later, if he was to follow prince Evan's orders and seize "light pillar magic" and try to come back to Moswick. He was stronly opposing the idea of bringing it to Moswick and seemed to disagree about it with crown prince.

Ishmael's had loyal subordinate since the young age and it was Calvin Plantard. He ordered him to infiltrate prince Eugene's Imperial Guard and go with him to Zerestria to keep an eye on him in his stead.


  • In a power struggle between Ishmael and his older brother Evan, Ashley Guivarch's father was executed as a scapegoat. Ishmael appeared to have viewed Evan as incompetent.