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Kamioka Saya
Japanese Name: 上岡 紗耶
Romanized Name: Kamioka Saya
Birthday: May 23
Age: 16
Blood Type: B
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Favorite Color(s): White

Kamioka Saya is Minami's friend. She befriended Minami in middle school, but was placed in a different class in high school. She knows that Minami was Veronica in a past life and is fine with it.

Appearance & Personality[]

Her personality is bright and cheerful, which helped Minami to face his problems with his past life. According to Minami, Saya has a adaptive way of thinking, allowing her to cope with the transition between elementary and middle school. This shows that Saya is a pragmatic person in contrary to her outward optimism.


She gets attacked by a priest and is injured. The identity of the priest is unknown, but that person is suspected to be the reincarnation of Lucas.

Afterwards she gets upset and begins to feel like she was targeted because she knows information about the past. She is later told that this is not the case and it makes her feel relieved.

She is kept out of the loop as for what is going on. Minami sees her as a symbol of what is "normal" and that if she can keep on living her life despite the things she knows, then he can work harder.


Minami Harusumi

Kamioka was Minami's first friend in middle school. Even after hearing about the rumor of Minami's past life, Kamioka did not laugh nor tease Minami about it. Instead, she was rather intrigued to get closer to Minami. After the incident with the upperclassmen in middle school, Kamioka helped and gave tips to Minami on how to get friends. In high school, Kamioka occasionally dropped in on Minami to see how he was doing. She was overjoyed to learn about his confession to Takao, "feeling like a father seeing his girl (Minami) become a bride", as she worded it.

Takao Haruko

Takao and Kamioka have not had enough chances to get to know each other, but as Takao is Minami's girlfriend, Kamioka is quite fond of her.

Kamioka is also known to have a father, mother and grandmother.


  • She is addicted to candy and always has some in her pocket, sometimes ending up with losing them all on the ground.
  • Her hobby is looking at photos of foreign landscapes and collecting antique trinkets, but it's expensive.
  • She likes nabe and spring.
  • She dislikes coffee.
  • She is part of the basketball club.
  • She is a big fan of manga, especially those of fantasy genre.
  • She have long hair that reaches her shoulder from her introduction, but cut it short after entering high school.