Japanese Name: 華音
Romanized Name: Kanon

Kanon is a girl from from Hasegawa Girls' High School, that frequently visit Karaoke 7. She used to go to the same class in middle school as Aoi and Shino.

She likes Zeze.

It appears she has no connection to the previous life business.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

She has semi-long dark hair and big dark eyes.

She appears to be very loud and energetic girl. Shino also comments that if you talk to her, you will know that she has no ulterior motives and she's pretty nice. Aoi comments that girls like her tend to value everyone at first glympse and decide whether it's worth noticing that person or just simply ignore it.


She often visited Karaoke 7 to meet Zeze here. In volume 11, when she was there she asked shop clerk about Zeze and at the same time him and Teshimano were leaving - Zeze said it's tests period soon, so he's off work for some time. Kanon asked him to talk a little bit and confessed to him, but it was interrupted by peers, so they decided to get out of Karaoke 7. They were assualted by magic attack right after getting out of Karaoke 7.

Kanon decides do confess to Zeze properly again, mistaking his generally gentle nature to anybody as a sign of his true character, not recognizing she was just being treated by him as a customer and not like someone special. She was rejected by him and she seems a bit frustrated by it, but it seems she comes to accept that quickly.


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  • Ironically, it was during her confession that Zeze realized that he may be Eugene's reincarnation. This statement is supported when Zeze know he have lingering feelings for Veronica from his past self.
  • first appearance: chapter 24