Lily Eccleston
Bokura no Kiseki v07 - 007
Japanese Name: リリー・エクルストン
Romanized Name: Rirī Ekurusuton
Reincarnation: Nishizono Momoka
Position: Priestess
Birthday: January 7
Height: 150 cm
Weight: 48 kg

Lily Eccleston was a priestess at the Church before she was reincarnated as Nishizono Momoka.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Lily was a young woman, with tiny posture and really long loose brown hair. She also had dark brown eyes.

Lily was very honest person with transparent motives. She wanted to help those in need and didn't like pointless killing. 

In her left ear there was light-blue round earring as a proof of being part of the Church.


When Lily was young girl, her father often was telling bloody war stories to her brother, but she didn't like glorifying killing others. Her mother scolded her however - her father was able to return alive from the war they were able to live good life. Her desire to be able to help people and at least guide their souls lead her to join the Church and became priestess. Especially the souls of killed in war, so they won't come to haunt the living and seeking revenge.

She was assigned to princess Veronica and Rheinsberg Castle and moved here with Sydney Bale. She was irritated that squires are so relentless, but then Bart Belbania arrived and apologized on their behalf and she started to be fascinated by him and his gentle nature.

Lily was one of the priests who didn't know about the Moswick army comming to attack Rheinsberg Castle. When Bishop Gale announced it to the priests and proceed to evacuate, she and Jared Florio objected and decided to stay and help Zerestria. Bishop just let them be, knowing they won't change the destiny. During the battle, Lily found badly hurt and dying Bart Belbania. She was desperate to save him, so she decided to use healing magic on him - even thought it was forbidden to reveal and use healing magic on people who wasn't part of the Church. In addiction, his wounds were too severe and he died anyway. Lily confirmed that he died of physical wounds and later was found by Jared Florio, who confronted her about this. Their destiny afterwards is still not known, but they probably were forced to use magic in self-defence and eventually died by magic as they reincarnated.


Lily had unrequited feelings for Bart.
They were often saw spending time together in the castle.

Trivia & speculationsEdit

  • Lily loves reading books, especially stories about romance or adventure.
  • She dislikes the fat on meat.
  • Her childhood was presented in special booklet of volume 10. She was living with father, mother and older brother, who looked up to their father and wanted to become soldier.