Peter Arce
Peter acre
Japanese Name:


Romanized Name:

Piitaa Arusu

Position: Soldier of Zerestria

Peter Arce was a soldier of Zerestria, one of 15 who were stationed at the Reinsberg Castle.

None of Zerestia's soldiers were reincarnated as far.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Peter seemed like a straighforward guy who cared for his comrades. He was bored in the castle so he decided to talk to Moswick girls. As a regular soldier, he also appeared to be jealous about squires, who were sons of knights, and because of this acted all high and might, while knowing nothing about the world.


During the Moswick's attack on the castle, he gave Mimi Gino his only earring, which was serving as a pass to the safe underground room, even thought it meant he won't be able to get in there.


Peter liked Mimi but she rejected him straightforwardly. That lead Peter to think what would it be like, if she was in dangerous situation and he could be able to help her out. It unintentionally came true and Peter sacrificed his life over her's.


  • Peter appears in bonus chapter added to volume 10.