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Reincarnation plays important role in Bokura no Kiseki.

The story starts in medieval-like times when people could use magic and lived in kingdoms ruled by a monarch. Religion was present, there was a neutral the Church lead by Pope, managing magic-related issues. Some countries were wagging wars against each other. According to their faith, if someone was killed by magic, their soul could reincarnate again (as a different person, without keeping any memories of their previous lives). 

The exception of this rule, as by some miracle, happened when princess Veronica and other people who died by magic at Reinsberg Castle were reincarnated in the modern world, are attending the same class in high school and started remembering one by one about their previous lives and want to find out the truth about the war in which they died.

Manga approaches reincarnation theme in a complex, solid way. Current classmates aren't the same people as they used to be, but their reincarnations, once awoken, play important role in their lives and in overall making of their personalities. And because the events before their death were traumatizing, they can't simply ignore them and each of them have to find a way to solve their new problems. Additional issue is that once remembered, person can use magic attainedin the previous life in the modern world.

As such, manga provides a lot of data about who was who and sometimes deceive us about it.

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This chart is updated up till the volume 22 chapter 98 so the spoilers goes only as far.

Reincarnation Chart: Zerestria[]

In Reinsberg Castle lived:

Position Past life Reincarnated as Status
Princess Veronica Minami Harusumi confirmed
1st Personal Knight Rida Razarasare Takao Haruko confirmed
2nd Royal Guard no data
3rd Royal Guard no data
Squire no 1 Bart Belbania not reincarnated
Squire no 2 Glen Schreiber Hiroki Yuu confirmed
Squire no 3 Chesmond Bartels Meguro Shou confirmed 
Squire no 4 Cotton Orway Nanaura Akira confirmed
Squire no 5 Aubrey Vikander Tsuzuki Makoto no solid evidence
Squire no 6 Elisa Cornago probably not reincarnated
Squire no 7 Martin Barras probably not reincarnated
Soldier no 1 Peter Arce no data
Soldier no 2 Egbert Fujichika Takuma confirmed
Soldier no 3 Curt no data
Soldier no 4-16 no data
Servant no 1 Adele Alcott Hasebe Anna confirmed
Servant no 2 Cordelia Paine Enomoto Miki no solid evidence
Servant no 3 Benno Bigot Kikuchi Kouichi no solid evidence
Servant no 4 Nina Boucher Ichinose Hinata no solid evidence
Servant no 5 Dinah Cowley no data
Servant no 6 Catherine Betford no data
Servant no 7-15 no data

Reincarnation Chart: Moswick[]

In Reinsberg Castle stationed:

Position Past life Reincarnated as Status
Prince Eugene Zeze Ryou confirmed
Guard Capitain no 1 Augustine Fogelcrowe Yanuma Takashi confirmed
Personal Guard no 2 Vince Everett Teshimano Nao confirmed
Guard Knight no 3 Ashley Guivarch Watanabe Kaito confirmed 
Guard Knight no 4 Calvin Plantard Motoi Hayato confirmed
Guard Knight no 5 Carla Chretien Ooki Yuu confirmed
Guard Knight no 6 Conrad Carvajal no data
Servant no 1 Bella Abington Fukushima Mika confirmed
Servant no 2 Doug Leakey Hino no solid evidence
Servant no 3 Mimi Gino Kimura Maki confirmed
Servant no 4-11 no data

Reincarnation Chart: Church[]

In Reinsberg Castle stationed:

  • 1 Bishop
  • 6 priests
Position Past life Reincarnated as Status
Bishop Gale Santoni not reincarnated
Priest no 1 Lucas Erlanger Nishina Mizuki confirmed
Priest no 2 Carlo Velbard Ootomo Tatsuya confirmed 
Priest no 3 Jared Florio Midou Ryuuji confirmed 
Priest no 4 Lily Eccleston Nishizono Momoka confirmed
Priest no 5 Sydney Bale Maki Yuuna confirmed 
Priest no 6 Patty Herschel Yamada Mizuki confirmed 

Reincarnation Chart: Others[]

There are also some people living in a current world that keep in secret who they were, are imposing someone else or could potentially be reincarnated too.

Past life Present life Status
Kamioka Saya no data