Prince rolan
Japanese Name: ロラン
Romanized Name: Roran
Position: 2nd prince of Zerestria

Rolan was the 2nd prince of Zerestria. He's older brother of first princess Veronica, younger brother of deceased first prince and brother of crown prince Alois.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Rolan was a tall men, with dark hair lenght to his shoulders, tied in the back of his head. 


Not much is known about Zerestria's princes. First prince died from illness and Rolan is second prince. When princess Veronica was still in Rakedonia Monastery, the king died and crown prince Alois was expected to ascend the throne. Rolan was present at King's funeral procession, as well as Veronica who was summoned to the capital. They seemed to hold converstation after the ceremony and Veronica told Rolan she hates flower fragrance, because it reminds her of scent of Royal Palace during the funerals of her father and mother.

Later, when Veronica moved to Rheinsberg Castle, she got some gifts from the Royal Palace. Among them, Rolan sent to her flower-scented perfume. At first Veronica was irritated, because she told him she hates that smell, but then she realized there's many various flowery scents and started to like it. 

As Minami, he was thinking that maybe it was Rolan's way to tell princess to get stronger or just simply he wasn't the one who chose it or he just didn't remember what Veronica said such a thing long ago.

Aside from short glympses, prince Rolan doesn't appear in the story.


  • Rolan appears briefly in special chapters, added to volume 8 and 9.
  • Rolan appears briefly in volume 12, but his earring is drawn incorrectly which Natsuo Kumeta pointed out on her twitter. [ source ]