Takao Haruko
Takao 300px
Japanese Name: 高尾 春湖
Romanized Name: Takao Haruko
Past Life: Rida Razarasare
Birthday: April 10
Blood Type: AB
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Favorite Color(s): Pearl Pink & Off White

Takao Haruko is student of the Minato Prefectural High School and member of class 1-4.

She is the reincarnation of Rida Razarasare, who was Veronica's personal guard. 

Takao is voiced by Endou Aya in the drama CDs.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

After regaining her memories, Haruko is usually seen wearing a sports jersy and bringing a baseball bat around her. Whenever she goes out at non-school days, she picks sweatshirts and trousers for best 'mobility'.

Not much is known about her personality in prior, but after the incident, Haruko becomes very devoted to Minami as both a guard and lover.


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Minami Harusumi

Minami is Takao's boyfriend. The two mutually had affections with each other, and confessed to each other in the hall one day around everyone else. They then become a couple.

After regaining her memories, Haruko's (combined with Rida's devotion to protecting Veronica) devotion to Minami became the same intensity she felt in her past life, if not a little more because of their relationship as lovers.

Although she loves him very much, she also has her doubts due to the fact that her past self, Rida thought of Glen and Veronica as lovers, and so, was worried and depressed that Minami might leave her if he reunites with Glen's reincarnation.

After Minami managed to speak to her and convince her that Veronica and Glen were not lovers, and that even if Glen did return, he would never think of leaving her. She resolves to honor Glen's dying wish of taking care of Veronica/Minami in his stead, not because she was Rida, but because that she loves him.


Takao is also known to have a father and mother, both who are supportive of her relationship with Minami.


  • Her hobby is collecting and making accessories using beads.
  • She likes fried chicken and tulips.
  • She dislikes bugs, especially spiders, but there are some that she likes.