Vince Everett
Japanese Name: ヴィンス・エバレット
Romanized Name: Vinsu Ebaretto
Reincarnation: Teshimano Nao
Position: Knight of Moswick
Birthday: August 17
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 72 kg

Vince Everett was a knight of Moswick before he was reincarnated as Teshimano Nao.

He was positioned as Prince Eugene's personal guard.

He is voiced by Ono Yuuki in the drama CD.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

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During most of the battle, Vince is with Eugene as his guard. At some point during the battle, he is also presented with one of the Zerestrian pendants by Eugene. He is present, along with Conrad Carvajal and a group of men from the invading force, when Eugene first encounters Veronica and attempts to get her to come with him. While Eugene leaves soldiers behind to try to take Veronica by force, he commands Vince to leave with him.

Vince is still with Eugene at the point when Eugene joins Lucas. Later, at the stone walled room, Vince declares that he will no longer serve Eugene, at around the same time that Glen Schreiber arrives at the room. The two are later both collapsed while Veronica fights against Lucas Erlanger in the same room. During this battle, Vince loses consciousness and presumably dies.



Although Vince was the long time guard of Eugene, Vince never had the impression of a shared trust between the two. Since Vince later turns against Eugene, it can be assumed he has some reason to dislike him. Vince's reincarnation, Teshimano Nao, also remarks that he has a lot of complaints about the prince.

Rida Razarasare

Vince and Rida are in similar positions with regard to their respective royals. The two seem to interact amicably as guards.


  • Vince likes white wine and ancient history.
  • He dislikes people that nag.
  • Vince was 3rd son, he had two older brothers and younger sister.
  • When Vince was little he had servants to tie it up for him so the way he wears them became a habit of his.