Japanese Name: ウォルタ
Romanized Name: Walta
Position: 4th prince of Moswick

Walter was the youngest of the four princes of Moswick. He died young.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Walter was an innocent child. He couldn't be aware of dangers around him and he was especially attached to Eugene.


He was the youngest of princes and he seemed especially attached to his older brother prince Eugene. He often followed right behind him so Eugene befriended him eventually. One day he felt sick and died. It was gossiped in the castle that it was better for him since he was "too pure" for this society.

Second prince Ishmael suspected that Walter might've been killed by his older brother crown prince Evan as a result of internal struggle between princes, but as he hadn't had any evidences he decided to remain silent about it. Just a lot later prince Ishmael worked in secret with court physican and they discovered that Walter died by posion because of prince Evan and he relays that truth to prince Eugene